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Island News 2014

What is new for 2014? 


As with every year, the anual Tenerife Carnival is set to make a return in March. The festival is actaully the 2nd biggest in the world. Fancy dress is mandaroty and colours of all description are exspected at the music festial. The carnival will be starting in Santa Cruz and on the second night will be in the town of Puerto de la Cruz.

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There is set to be a range of musicions and artists playing, both local Canarias and some from as far as San Fransico will make the event. 


Tenerife Canrival Official website


The island is still in the grip of economic hardship Tenerife has unemployment rate of 75% for under 25's. 


Loro Park has has been the scene of much interest with a work being acidenty tranquilised with a dart by a fellow work.

Read the full article in La Opinion 



A new language school opens on the south the island. Bable Language Academy. If anyone is interested in either Intensive Spanish group classes or Private Spanish lessonsThe BLA academy is open and takign on more language students. The school is based on the south side of Mount Teide in the town only 15 minutes from Aurpuero del Sur.  


Bla Tenerife Language School
Av Magallanes, 5, 38612 El Médano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

+34 922179431

Wix site on Tenrife travelling.  Includes some articles about festivals. Or find further infomation at Study Canarias Spanish School, furteventura. It has everything needed to learn about learning Spanish in the Canary Islands.














Fuereventure named Spanish cultural herirtage place of the year according to the world centre of arts. 


For anyone is thinking about moving to the North of Tenerife, near the La Orotava area, check out real estate guide to Puerto de la Cruz, from Puerto properites. They have a whole host of useful infomation points when it comes to find a home. This includes for both long term and shot term rentals. They are run by highly reccomened real estae specialts. Check them out! 

   Visit their website here, for more information  by their hyperlinkl. They are relevent for the entire north of Tenerife, not the whole island. My advice is to live further away from the city centre, in an areas such as Santa Usala or Los Realejos, the property prices are much much lower.


October 2014, George. L decided to keep on working free lancei in Tenerife. George's linkedin page. You can get is contact infomation from there.



Look at this guide for this online marketing agency in Tenerife. The company have a range solutions, useful for any small business who want to imprve their visibility in the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. They are based in Puerto de le Cruz, which is only 20 minute drive from La Laguna and 1 hours awa from the capital Santa Cruz, which makes it highly suitable to do buiness with them. Do no be fooled that they have a Wix website, they are they most professional on the island by a long shot! 

It does not matter where in the worold you are, London, or San fransico, whether you a small retailer, or a large business or festival provider, you can use their marketing services and get results. 




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 In the south of the Islands, at the start of early 2014 a new plastic sugron has opened. So if your are interested in great Rhinopasty in Tenerife please look at their wesbite and see what is available.  Nose jobs, face lift, are possoble with the most experienced of surgones.  We would like to advice all people to think very carefully about the consques of facial surgery..The lead surgon, is Doctor Jose Gonzarles, an honourable and knowledgable man.